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Beginner to Hot Yoga Series!


In this six week series with we will go over beginning breath work, the basics of hot yoga and meditation!


Focusing on body alignment, formats and the breath to begin to feel comfortable in any hot yoga class! 


This is your perfect first step into hot yoga!


There are six workbooks (one each week) to be able to have all the fine details

of each pose, breath pattern and meditation, written down for you, to be able to continue your practice!

You will have access to the 6 Beginner to Hot Yoga Series classes as well as access to all regularly scheduled classes for the six week period!


(regular membership does not cover series classes. If you already have a membership and would like to take this class please reach out to Payton for more info at 505-407-3033 or email



This series is $125


Limited to 11 Spaces Remain.


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