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Payton Prince-Henderson


Payton Prince-Henderson is the owner of Elevation Yoga in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Payton is a E-RYT-200, Barre Certified, 2nd Degree Reiki and a Wholistic Kinesiology Practitioner.


Payton's found her passion of teaching, with teaching dance locally from 2008-2011, during that time she taught ages 2-adult multiple forms of dance (tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, pom and more), she was also head coach and assistant coach of multiple dance teams, teaching over 20 classes per week.


 In July of 2009 she met the love of her life Grant Henderson and they have been together ever since. 


After her years of teaching dance, she opened iLash Factory with her mom, Christie Prince. iLash Factory was the first eyelash extension only boutique in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


During this time, her father (Patrick) was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer, with no cure (Not a candidate for chemo) and given only six months to live, Christie spent endless nights researching a solution to keep Pat here longer. With this research the family started to continue down a path of alternative health, trying to save her fathers life. In that time a whole world of alternative modalities were exposed and tried. One of the most helpful modalities to Pat was Applied Kinesiology. Pat made it for a year and a half before he lost his battle with cancer passing away two weeks after Payton and Grants wedding in 2012.


After her fathers passing Payton knew that she wanted to help people in an alternative health fashion because of the way that it had helped her farther battle his cancer. 


In April of 2014 Payton and Grant welcomed their first daughter, Ryder into the world. 

(That is a whole story in and of itself...Grant delivered Ryder while Payton was being induced in the hospital)


After Ryder was born Payton really wanted to get back into teaching, but wanted to teach something that had more meaning for your health than teaching dance did. That is when she found a local yoga teacher training. With a 6 month old she was nervous to take on 200 hours but felt led to go in the direction of teaching yoga. During this training iLash Factory's lease was up at their current location in Hoffman Town Square Shopping Center. Christie Drove by what is the current home of Elevation and iLash Factory in Mossman Shopping Center and knew this is where iLash Factory should be located, however it was too much space for iLash Factory alone, thus that November, Elevation Yoga was born!


Payton completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in December of 2014 and Elevation opened the same month.


In January of 2015 Payton and Christie decided to take Dr. J Dunns Wholistic Kinesiology Training to become Wholistic Kinesiology

Practitioners. This truing was life changing with multiple certifications obtained during those months in training it is something that the whole family uses all day every day!


In 2015 Elevation hosted a Barre training where Payton and many of the instructors at elevation became certified to teach barre classes!


In September of 2016 Payton opened a room temp yoga studio - Elevation 2 in Mossman Center. 

(Unfortunately this studio did not survive the COVID lockdowns)


September 2016 Grant and Payton welcomed their son Slater to the Henderson clan.

(This time at the birth center and such a better experience)


In 2017 Payton had her first RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training with co-host Angela Blair in Elevation 2. This training was a huge success, having 5 trainings from 2017-2020 with over 55 graduates of the training. Teaching Yogi's how to teach is a huge passion that she wold love to continue in the future. One of those graduates is Grant! 


In 2019 Payton opened Elevation Beach Fitness down the street from the current studio. This was a sand studio that had over 5 inches of beach sand and we offered warm - hot sand yoga classes as well as surfboard fitness classes. Due to property mismanagement from the land lord, and due to health concerns for the students, Payton had to close this Studio in February of 2020.


In June of 2019 Payton and Grant welcomed their second daughter, Parker Reid into the family as the final missing puzzle piece of their crazy little family.


In March of 2020 the COVID lockdowns happened and we were able to go virtual with zoom, our amazing teachers teaching over 25 classes a week to keep out community surviving! Once we were able to reopen fully (which took a few months) we were ready to go with the fullest schedule we could have with the capacity restrictions that were in place.


Today Elevation is back and running as normal with over 43 classes per week, specialty classes, workshops, private sessions and more.


Payton is currently working on expanding her presence online with alternative health knowledge she has and hopes to be launching ebooks, master classes, courses and more by summer 2023!


Over the years Payton has continued her education in as many alternative health fields as possible and has obtained tons of certifications in that time.


The one thing that Payton hopes for you to feel while you are at Elevation is that you are loved. 


As she says at the end of her classes and training - Remember, the light in me sees, honors and accepts the light in you!




Payton Prince Henderson


Email -

Text or Call - 505-407-3033

Payton Prince-Henderson

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Elevation Hot Yoga

7410 Montgomery Blvd NE #102

Albuquerque, NM 87109
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